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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday Service with Rev. Clyde Goins ~ "Affirmative Prayer" ~ Guest Musician: The Bradfords (Sun. 21 Jan, 2018 10:00 am - 11:30 am)

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Sunday Service with Speaker: Rev. Clyde Goins

"Affirmative Prayer"

Guest Musician: The Bradfords


Don't miss the food and fellowship that happens after service. All are welcome to join us!

Be Blessed, Inspired, and Grateful (and therefore B.I.G. for God!) every Sunday at the West Valley Center for Spiritual Living.

Metaphysical Book Study Discussion (Sun. 21 Jan, 2018 12:00 pm)

Metaphysical Book Study Discussion

Sunday January 21st at Noon (following fellowship)


From Nancee Noel:
Did you know that many pictures of orbs show recognizable faces of people who have passed over? Or, that one could request an orb to appear in a particular place and it would?
In the January 21st Metaphysical Book Discussion Group we will be doing things a little differently. How? We will be looking at three books about orbs and inviting anyone who has photos of orbs to bring them and any other books about orbs to share.
I have selected Entering the Light Fantastic – Discovering Life After Life Through Orbs as the principle book I will lead the discussion on. It touches on research regarding orbs but is also the story of author Nancy Myers’ opening to orb experiences after the passing of her son Rob (change those letter around and what do you get?). This book will be available in the book store or a hard or digital copy can be ordered from (Smile) Amazon.
The two other books we will also discuss are Orbs and the Afterlife by Virginia M. Hummel and Orbs – Their Mission and Messages of Hope by Klause Heinemann, Ph.D. and Gundi Heinemann.
I attended a power point presentation given by Virgina Hummel in which she spoke about her personal experiences and research regarding orbs. The same information and many of the same pictures are also in this book. She is considered a pioneer in this field and is quoted or referred to in the two other books. One of the things I found of immense interest in this book is her reported interviews of people who saw orbs leave the bodies of loved ones as they died.
Orbs – Their Mission and Messages of Hope, like Hummel’s book, tells the author’s personal story and also focuses on trying to find meaning or purpose of the orbs. In my opinion, this book has the greatest number and the most interesting orb pictures of the three books. Faces can be seen in some of the close-up photos.
These two books are also available on (Smile) Amazon.
I invite you to come join in the conversation on January 21st whether you choose to read the books or not – and don’t forget to bring any photos with orbs in them that you have.
Entering the Light

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